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Below is a Review from the Boucher's on their Yamaha Trike Conversion 
(shown above)

We are posting a review because the service we received was the utmost in professionalism. The main factor in our experience was the perfection in providing the customer the right end product and not the price of converting the bike. The owners and their team are to be applauded for their professionalism. The mechanic, fabricator, welder, painter and all involved got together as a team and fulfilled a dream come true for the customer. We highly recommend Mid Town Cycles for your service needed, whether it is mechanical, or, if it is to convert to a Trike. The price and personal service is better than any we have found after looking on the net for three months. If you are thinking of converting give them a call.

Midtown Cycles



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Clemson dream trike is awesome by Ed & Jenny Neal

Prior to my retirement, I searched and searched for months looking for a business that wanted my business and would make our dreams of converting our 2002 Honda Sabre VT1100 into an awesome Clemson theme trike and not just take our money, and send us on our way. I found lots of "people" who gave me a lukewarm response as I explained our dream trike. No real customer satisfaction responses were found. THEN, I e-mailed Darren, we spoke on the phone and a friend was found. Darren spent his valuable business time listening and discussing my ideas of our dream trike.The wife and I decided it was well worth our time and money to drive 7 hrs., to let Darren & Linda at Midtown Cycles convert our motorcycle. One of my best decisions in 68 yrs.The Trike was beyond what we had envisioned. Not only did we get the Clemson theme Trike of our dreams, it came with world class customer service, unmatched professional craftsmanship and a price nobody could match. Dreams do come true at Midtown Cycles.


2005 Honda Shadow Trike by Handicap Rider

I would like to take the time to thank everyone at Midtown cycles for the terrific job they did building my trike. It turned out better than I could ever imagined. Well worth driving the 1455 miles it took to get it to you and back home. And the price was the best I found anywhere. Everything about it is flawless. Ive looked this thing over from top to bottom and cant find a thing wrong with it anywheres. 2 thumbs up to your welder and painter. Ever since my accident 5 years ago, Ive dreamed of getting back on a bike. You guys made it possible for me again. You took the time to help me with the things I needed modified to get close enough with my wheelchair and the other small things that other shops wouldnt have thought of when building a trike for a client. Just cant say enough good things about you guys. Thanks again to everyone at Midtown cycles for making this possible for me.


From Bike to Trike - A Dream Come True! by Karen and Bill Bavin

We had a ’99 Shadow Ace Touring bike not being used because of health reasons so decided to trike it. We looked at numerous alternatives before coming upon Midtown Cycle. We left our bike with them when we left for MA, confident the bike would be finished to our expectation. Darren and Linda communicated with us throughout the process. This was their first 1100 Shadow Ace Tourer and was a unique paint combination but he stepped up to the challenge and the results were awesome. Both Linda and Darren are two of the greatest people, who listened and really care. If you want to see perfection, go to Midtown’s website and check out the green and beige Shadow. If you see it running around the Daytona/Palm Coast area don’t be afraid to stop, look and ask questions. If you want a personal recommendation, call Midtown Cycle and ask to be put in contact with us. Karen & Bill Bavin, Palm Coast, FL


My Trike is AWESOME! by 1997 Yahama Royal Star

Midtown Cycle did an awesome job on my Trike. I have a 1997 Yahama 1300, Royal Star, Tour Deluxe that was getting too much for me to handle, at my age of 72, but I was not ready to give up riding, just yet. I checked out several trike kit companies, but decided on Midtown Cycle. It only took me a couple of minutes of talking with Darren on the phone, to determine that he had the expertise to do a good job. Darren & his Wife Linda are super people and have a great crew working for them. They did a great job, matched the paint and it rides just great. If you get a chance you might be able to see my trike on Midtown’s Cycle web site, it’s the black & silver one. JUST LOVE IT!


1993 yamaha virago, triked by trude hull

we searched and searched for a trike kit, we found Darran and his crew. They did an outstanding, over the top job. My husband just loves his new trike. Darran and his crew are the best. They customized every detail, matched the paint on the tank to match perfect on the fenders and the helmet. Fred loves his new trike and I cannot say enough good things about this crew. FROM TOP TO BOTTOM THEY ARE THE BEST !!!!!! In fact I am thinking of having them paint my bike, an I am not easy to please but I will not take it anywhere else to have it painted after seeing and meeting the staff...Thanks again for a super trike!!!


I triked my trike!!!!!!!! by i triked my trike!!!!!!!

i have a Piaggio MP3 250 scooter that i had decided to sell because i could not handle the weight of the bike, and frankly i was afraid to ride it. the MP3 already has 3 wheels, 2 in the front, one in the back, however the front wheels are not spaced far enough apart to keep the bike from falling over. i had gotten online to research the value of my bike so that i could sell it. and saw one like mine that had a tow pac trike kit attached.i did a lot of research on trike kits and somehow ended up finding Midtown's website. after one conversation with Linda i knew these were the people i wanted to work on my bike. the finished product is absolutley beautiful, and the ride is incredible. this is a true custom conversion that was done, the paint is a perfect match and i love the 14" tires. Darren & Linda kept me informed and sent pictures throughout the whole process since my bike was shipped to them from chattanooga. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. tell them fran sent you


The search is over! by remknight1

I cannot say enough to the positive about midtown cycles. I have an 08 HD Roadglide which I have taken to MTC since they opened for business. Travis, who is Harley certified, has my bike running better now than ever. The response is incredible and smooth in all aspects of transition. The owners, Darren and Linda are wonderful people whom sincerely care about their customers and don't want you to take your bike away until you are totally satisfied. There is no question, if you need service, this is the place to take your ride.


Lucky 7 Trike by Bikermama

My trike kit was built custom for my Honda VTX 1300s and it's beautiful. They do this with all their kits-custom built, not pre-fab, to fit your specific bike. The crew are helpful & courteous. Linda is a real class act and very pleasant to be around and talk with . Darren helped me along the way from start to finish-even from before I purchased my X. Abner (the paint artist) was able to replicate a personal tattoo that is important to me, onto the bike and it's beautifully done.


'09 Suzuki C50T (2-tone sky blue / white) by Jeannie Marchiano

I absolutely love what Darren was able to do with my bike. The quality and craftmanship that was done on my bike is so unbelieveable!!! Paint job matched perfectly too. This shop ranks high in my book. They even sent photos to me of the different steps along the way until completion. The price was absolutely the best I saw on the market and it wasn't a one-size-fits-all kit either. This was custom-built from the ground up especially for my bike. I am one HAPPY customer and I guarantee you will be too. The staff is friendly and will take the time to discuss the entire process with you. Midtown Cycle Rocks!!!!!



MidTown Cycles is a first class custom shop from office to fabrication, and paint. Not only do they do a great job, they make you feel part of the Midtown family. Linda will find ways to make the job as affordable as possible. Darren is a first class designer and fabricator. When the bike hits the paint shop, Abner is a perfectionist. The finished product is head and shoulders above the (cookie cutter, one size fits all) kits.Paint is automotive booth guality, not sprayed in a tent in someones backyard. Thank you Darren, Linda, Abner, and the whole Midtown crew/family. We couldn't be happier with the finished product. So for anyone who is looking for a trike kit, GO CUSTOM fot prefab. You won't be sorry! Thanks again, Rollie & Alice Scheidler


Wouldn't want it any other way! by Windrunnr

I haven't been riding very long. So when I bought my first bike about 6 months ago it wasn't in the best shape. Darren and Linda did everything they could to help me get the bike running right. When it came down to the point that this 30 year old bike was going to cost me more to repair than a reasonable person should spend, they helped to see my options. Being the straight forward, stand up, and honest people that they are; they provided me with information instead of just taking my money. After I made the choice to sell that old bike they again helped me with information and made purchasing my new bike a wonderful experience. What else can I say Darren and Linda are everything that I have come to love about small-town business owners, honest, up front, and now friends.


My "Angel" Bike by 3HoundMom

What can I say about my bike?? Only that I love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! Darren and his crew made a reality of my dream!!! My bike is beautiful, comfortable and a joy to ride!!! They were able to pick up on what I wanted as we went through the process and they patiently directed and advised me up to the very end. The finishing touch is my beautiful Angel that was perfectly hand drawn on the bike's tank. The custom work is extraordinary and the paint scheme on the bags and fenders perfectly match the limited edition colors on the bike. I can't imagine being any happier with my bike than I am now!! I now have a beautiful bike that gives me the confidence to actually go out and ride!! Thank you to Darren, Linda and your staff for making my dream come true!! The real thing is better than I had ever hoped it would be!!


Service Service Service by JB

What can I say ? This man and his team take service to the next level. He probably touched my bike for one reason or another FOUR TIMES before I could convinve them to charge me ! Yeah - the stuff was minor, however, Harley Davidson charges me if I ask the service department what time it is. THEY TREAT MY BIKE LIKE IT WAS THEIR OWN.I have a rare factory custom and they respect it. The technical knowledge this team has is remarkable. I have never felt "rushed" when discussing my needs and they do not hesitate to throw a leg over the bike and diagnose what I am trying to say regarding those hard to find little things. If I could sum up my experiance with this crew in one word that word would be TRUST. Proefessional service for professional motorcyclists at reasonable prices. The very best.!


Nobody but Midtown to work on my ride by Hoppy

There is a jewel hiding in Saint Cloud Florida on Deleware St. called Midtown Motorcycles. Darren and Linda and their techs will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with their service, repair, price, and way of doing business. Whether you are stuck on the road during the afternoon rush hour and need an emergency tow, or need minor or major repairs, there has never been a shop or group of people that I would trust my bike to more. Just try them once and you will see what I mean. But do your self a favor and try them. I am a very satisfied and happy customer and new friend. I would recommend them without a qualm to anyone needing a motorcyle repair or if you are interested in a trike.. they custom build them! Darren and Linda, thank you again for all your help and patience!